Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Madness

Seriously, how much madness can one day hold?

  • Woke up to thunder and lightning during a massive rain storm
  • Nearly hit a tree and our gate backing out of the driveway
  • I picked up my kids from the hallway in the morning and was greeted by a raw, smashed egg exactly in the middle of where my class sits...but NO ONE knows how it got there
  • I teach in a portable...with no walkway cover..and we had to walk back and forth 6 times today...during torrential downpours...with 2 umbrellas...and 17 kids
  • After lunch the electricity went out...during computer time...for 45 minutes
Thankfully the electricity came back on before dismissal.  Unfortunately the rain hasn't stopped.  I'm glad today is finished!

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