Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FREE CCSS eBook Resource from TpT (and ME!)


Can I just say how much I love TpT? I was introduced to it from a teacher I co-taught with during summer school last year and I have been obsessed hooked ever since.

The beautiful, wonderful, thoughtful people behind and involved with TpT have put together amazing resources with Teacher Tips and *free* activities to help implement the Common Core State Standards.  My tip and free download are featured on page 4 of the K-2 ELA e-book available here (or by clicking the graphic above)!  I am so honored to be included in this resource along side some truly amazing educators!

But, don't stop there!  Be sure to download the other subject e-books as well!
K-2 ELA  don't forget...scroll right to page 4 ;) 
3-5 ELA  
3-5 MATH

There are also e-books for 6-12 in Science, Social Studies, English and Math if you want to pass the info on to teacher friends who brave those hormonal creatures day in and day out. I'll take a roomful of 6 year-olds over that! Links to upper grades can be found from any of the links above. Again they are all FREE and include lots of free resources and activities to use in your classroom! Share the news with all your friends and colleagues!  

Absolutely Adorable Chair Pockets

Lately I have been a pocket making machine!  I've had orders for over 200 pockets and have more than 120 waiting in the wings! 
This latest bunch is super cute.  The buyer asked for teal, gray and pale yellow with some chevron.  Love, love, love the all chevron pockets.
If your interested in ordering chair back pockets for your class check out my Etsy shop for more details!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Professional Development SALE Ends Today!

Just a quick reminder that my professional development sale ends TODAY! 

A week long workshop towards the end of summer is tough to get through!  Not to mention we ate getting all new curriculum guides, lesson plan *suggestions*, mandated master schedules, mandated quarter, yearly and twice-yearly assessments and at least 4 new curriculum tools/supplements. 
It was a lot to take in over a week, but I am super lucky to be part of a fabulous first grade team!  Teachers in my district are finally getting mandated common planning time.  This is amazing and new for us and I am so looking forward to it.

But I digress.  Back on track.  Sale ends today.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Free Twitter Style Exit Ticket Display Board Printable

Tweet Thoughts is a super easy, super efficient exit ticket display board printable is available as a free download on my TpT store.  I was inspired by a pin I saw last week or so.

The birds have speech bubbles chirping numbers to correlate with student in class number.  Kids will write their tweets on 3" x 3" sticky notes, stick it to their assigned bird and done!  You can quickly see who's getting it or which questions need to be addressed.

I printed mine in blue scrapbook paper, cut and glued it to a metallic silver poster board.  The metallic shine doesn't photograph well, sorry.  I'll have it laminated for durability, of course.

You could also create a bulletin board with the graphics.

The file comes with two title choices:
Either with or without the smart hashtag.

I can't wait to use this next year...well a month.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

FREE Simple Daily 5 Signs

These Daily 5 signs are simple and straightforward.  Easy to read and easy to coordinate with your theme.  These signs are aimed for older students, but can be used in any classroom.

Color and...
black line

I also have a few more freebies in the works.  By the way, I'm holding a sale in my TpT store Tuesday through Friday!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Chevron Chair Pockets = Awesomeness

 Woot, woot! I wish I could keep these beauties!  They are so bight and cheery.  But, alas, they will be headed off to their new home Monday.  This set also includes 10 mix and match curtains.  That classroom is going to be pure awesomeness.  So glad I could help make it happen!  Get yourself some!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Elkonin Boxes for CVC Families

It's hard to express how much I love Elkonin boxes.  They are useful in so many situations.  I can pop a picture up on the SmartBoard and as a whole group we sound out the word counting phonemes, draw the boxes and fill them in to create the word.  I can print out pictures like the one shown above, laminate and practice or reteach with small groups or one-on-one during RtI or small group time.  The students love working with them during Work on Words in our Daily 5 time.

All of my Working with CVC Word Family activities have this Elkonin boxes activity with picture cards, letter tiles and assessment sheets.  Due to the fact I LOVE them so much I created products consisting of the Elkonin boxes (or phoneme boxes, as I often call them) for each short vowel. 

Click on the picture to go to the product listing in my store:


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Daily Mental Math - Tips for Set up and Use and a SALE!

I wanted to show what my finished Daily Mental Math (DMM) binder looks like and what my students do during the quick fact practice.

First, I use a 1" portfolio type binder.  A regular 3-ring binder and sheet protectors will do just as well.  The first page is the Weekly Skills Overview.  Each week in my newsletter I list a set of math facts the students should learn and memorize by the end of the week.  They are the same facts they will practice during DMM.

Next are the call sheets and answer keys.  In past years I have set them up as pictured-call sheet on left and key on right. 

This year I reprinted the call sheets and answer keys two to a page to save some space in the binder.  All 30 weeks are printed and slipped into the sheet protectors ready to go!

The file includes two options for student answer sheets.  One has a colorful background, one is black and white.  I haven't decided which style I will use this year.  I'll either print the color sheet on white card stock or print the black and white on bright card stock.

No matter which option you choose either laminate the sheets or slide them in sheet protectors for the students.  Students can keep their sheets in their math folder.  After laminating I write the students name on the sheet with a permanent marker.  It makes the sheet totally reusable.  If a student moves or at the end of the year you can remove the permanent maker with whiteboard cleaner or nail polish remover.

Students can use either dry erase markers or Vis-a-Vis markers (overhead projector markers...remember those?)  I call out the facts and students write the answers.  We trade papers, I read the answers and students grade the page and return it to the owner.  We celebrate 100% sheets.  For example kids who earn 100% can stand up, raise their hand, give neighbors a high five, etc.

On Fridays after the final practice we erase the pages to get ready to start it all again on Monday!

Daily Mental Math is 20% off this week.  Go get it now!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Daily Mental Math Practice

I just posted my favorite math tool on TpT.  Daily Mental Math is my favorite, quick activity to do to boost my students mental math abilities.

I print the student answer sheet on card stock and laminate them so students can use Vis-a-Vis (overhead markers) or dry erase markers to record their answers for the week.  A black line answer sheet is also included.  I may use those this year and print on colored card stock.

I call out the fact practice 1-10.  Students trade answer sheets.  I call out the answers.  Then we celebrate all the students who earned 100%.  On Fridays, all the students earning 100% get a sticker on a big chart posted on the wall.  Repeat for the next 29 weeks.  (That's right! 30 weeks of math practice!)

Several times during the weeks, the students will practice 5 problem solving questions.  It takes longer to read these and to figure out the answers, so I only include 5 questions for each day.

On Fridays, the kids erase their answer sheets to get ready for next week.  Easy peasy!

From the teacher side, you have several options for organizing the weekly call sheets and keys.  I use a 1" binder and put each week in a sheet protector so the weekly call out sheets are on the left and the keys are one the right.  You could also print the call out sheets and keys 2 to a page to save paper and sheet protectors.

Common Core State Standards for 1st and 2nd grade are printed on the bottom of each call sheet for easy planning.

The file also includes a spreadsheet of skill and week numbers as well has some helpful tips for set up and efficient running.

Daily Mental Math is a great way to quickly practice math skills each and every day.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chair pockets...the *MUST* have accessory

Seriously, chair pockets rock!  They are SO useful in the classroom.  In years past workbooks, folders and journals got lost and smashed and ruined inside not-so tidy desks.  Oh, but not this year!  At the beginning of the last school year I made chair pockets for my first graders and they are awesome!  I can make some for you, too!  Click to see listing on TpTListing on Etsy.

My set is all black with a screen print of our school mascot (thanks to my amazing boyfriend).  Of course I can make them any color, any pattern and with or without your personalization.  Want your name on them?  Done!  Want your school name or mascot?  Done and done!

These chair pockets were used and abused in my classroom this year. When we cleaned them out someone found an assignment from the first week of school.  Seriously?  I only had issues with one pocket and that was due to an unannounced visit from Edward Scissorhands.  Again...seriously?

Here are some shots of our beloved seat bags in action:
Chair pockets can be completely customized to your style and decor.  They can be sets of solid colors, colors to match your table groups or school colors.  Prints also look great!  Chevrons, polka dots, stripes and more!  We can even totally personalize them with your name or mascot.  

If you have any questions just leave a comment or message me through TpT or Etsy.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Touch Numbers FREE Download!

Touch number posters and student cards are up for FREE in my TpT store!

Right now I posted 3 different designs:

Each file has student cards in black and white for easy printing.  I'll print and laminate a set for each student.

If you'd like a free set to go with your decor just leave a comment or send me a message through TpT and I'll do my best to post it for you.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Working with CVC short vowel word families

FINALLY!  Finding time to finish the short vowel family units and the bundle has been hard this summer.  But, it has all been finished and uploaded to TpT.  Yea!
The bundle is $18 which is $10 off buying the short vowel units individually.  It's a great deal.  The bundle has 450 pages, each vowel is a separate file, each unit has 7 centers/activities plus assessment sheets, center directions, center signs, center management board small signs, Roll-Say-Keep games, word finds, word searches and some more short vowel goodies!

I am proud of these units.  In first grade I will be able to use these units throughout the first 2 grading periods and be able to pull in words and cards when we begin long vowels.

Click on the cover picture to check out each vowel individually:
Here are some examples of the short a activities:

 Grab the bundle now!