Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Daily Mental Math Practice

I just posted my favorite math tool on TpT.  Daily Mental Math is my favorite, quick activity to do to boost my students mental math abilities.

I print the student answer sheet on card stock and laminate them so students can use Vis-a-Vis (overhead markers) or dry erase markers to record their answers for the week.  A black line answer sheet is also included.  I may use those this year and print on colored card stock.

I call out the fact practice 1-10.  Students trade answer sheets.  I call out the answers.  Then we celebrate all the students who earned 100%.  On Fridays, all the students earning 100% get a sticker on a big chart posted on the wall.  Repeat for the next 29 weeks.  (That's right! 30 weeks of math practice!)

Several times during the weeks, the students will practice 5 problem solving questions.  It takes longer to read these and to figure out the answers, so I only include 5 questions for each day.

On Fridays, the kids erase their answer sheets to get ready for next week.  Easy peasy!

From the teacher side, you have several options for organizing the weekly call sheets and keys.  I use a 1" binder and put each week in a sheet protector so the weekly call out sheets are on the left and the keys are one the right.  You could also print the call out sheets and keys 2 to a page to save paper and sheet protectors.

Common Core State Standards for 1st and 2nd grade are printed on the bottom of each call sheet for easy planning.

The file also includes a spreadsheet of skill and week numbers as well has some helpful tips for set up and efficient running.

Daily Mental Math is a great way to quickly practice math skills each and every day.

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