Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Working with CVC short vowel word families

FINALLY!  Finding time to finish the short vowel family units and the bundle has been hard this summer.  But, it has all been finished and uploaded to TpT.  Yea!
The bundle is $18 which is $10 off buying the short vowel units individually.  It's a great deal.  The bundle has 450 pages, each vowel is a separate file, each unit has 7 centers/activities plus assessment sheets, center directions, center signs, center management board small signs, Roll-Say-Keep games, word finds, word searches and some more short vowel goodies!

I am proud of these units.  In first grade I will be able to use these units throughout the first 2 grading periods and be able to pull in words and cards when we begin long vowels.

Click on the cover picture to check out each vowel individually:
Here are some examples of the short a activities:

 Grab the bundle now!

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