Monday, December 30, 2013

Anchor Charts for Interactive Notebooks: Number and Operations in Base Ten Edition
 Volume 2 of the CCSS Math Strategy Anchor Charts for Interactive Notebooks: Number and Operations in Base Ten is finished and uploaded!

The anchor charts are two per page so they fit perfectly on composition books, spiral notebooks or onto notebook paper.  Plus, it saves paper.  It's a win-win, really.

This volume holds anchor charts for all the NBT standards in first grade.  I use them when I teach a new strategy or concept.  After making a poster size from the poster printer at school, I present it to the students, modeling and talking through all the steps.  Then the students glue their chart into their notebooks and we work through it together.  Then they practice the skill on the next page.  I hang the poster size on our Math Strategy wall and a mini chart on our focus wall.

I have more info and in-class photos here.

Here are some samples of the anchor charts included:

Word and definition cards for the math word wall and a place value mat are also included.

I am working on the other standards and hope to have them posted soon!

Monday, December 9, 2013

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So, I've been on Instagram for a while, but never mentioned it here.  Follow me and I'll randomly choose 1 follower to win any 3 of my TpT products.  Your choice!


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Amazing Pizza Adjectives - FREE PRINTABLE
 I was able to create and post a new freebie to my TpT store! My students had a lot of fun doing this activity and craft.  You can read more about it on this post.
 We made a tree map of adjectives for pizza using our sense.  I color coded the brainstorming lists and blocked the blanks with the same colors.  That way the students knew which list to choose from when filling in blank.  

When we do shared writing or journal activities I've taught the students that they can copy any thing I write in green (as in "go ahead") and to read and do what I write in red (as in "stop, read, do your own").  It was a phenomenal tip I got from a fellow workshop-mate. 

We also had an impromptu chat on why y sounds like e.  Love it!

Amazing Pizza Adjectives is live and free in my TpT shop.  Go get it now.  Then reward your good move with a slice of steamy, spicy, scrumptious pizza.  I'd skip the carrots.

Five for Friday...almost

I am linking up with Kacey for some Five for Friday fun, but it is Sunday.  Is that close enough?

 In math we've been practicing counting by tens starting at any number and comparing numbers.  I made a print, cut and go product with number cards.  It is available on my TpT shop.  I also use many of the activities from Erica Bohrer's 0-120 charts and activities unit.  It was one of the first products I purchased on TpT.  It is great!

 We've been working on using adjectives in our writing.  Honestly, I wasn't going well so I reversed course and tried something new.  We made a chart of pizza adjectives one day.  We used all our senses and listed appropriate adjectives.

The next day I gave the students a fill in the blank story about eating pizza.  They had to use the adjectives to fill in the blanks to finish the story.

Finally, we got crazy with the scrap box and made slices a pizza to add to our stories.  It turned out very cute and even the struggling writers were able to correctly use adjectives in the story.

Next week we will transfer this skill to adding adjectives while we are writing individual stories.

Later today I am going to work on making this a freebie on my TpT store.

 Friday St. Nick visited our school.  He and his elves sprinkled gold tinsel all over the hallways.  They also left bags of goodies for each student to explore when they arrived in the classroom.  Mass hysteria? Check.  Happy kids? Check.  Get work done in the morning?  Not so much.

The kids were beyond excited all day!  Their smiles were actually bigger than the smiles on Krista Wallden's elves.
 Backing up a little now.  We did the disguise a turkey activity before Thanksgiving break.  I love, love, love the creativity the students showed when dressing the turkeys.  We had 3 Franken-turkeys, 2 singing turkey divas, 2 cheerleader turkeys, several super hero turkeys including SuperTurkey, SpiderTurkey, Hulk-Turkey, and Bat-Turkey and of course, Turkey Claus.  Their how-to stories were hilarious.  I used the free Thanksgiving How-To Writing pack by Lisa Richling.

 Have you ever played the Find Objects app?  It is very addictive and very fun.  It has one player and vs modes.  My boyfriend and I play vs mode on the tablet.  He's really competitive, but I am good. Ha!

Finally, I am so proud of my man!  His concrete condiment cup holders were featured in's latest collection Fresh Caught: Oysters.  They took beautiful photographs that really show the quality of his concrete.  Also, check out his Etsy shop.  Any of these products would make for great gifts!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Count by 10s: Christmas Edition

This week we are working on counting by 10s starting at any number other than 10.  Although we've been practicing place value, the concept is not really getting through to them.  We practiced using the 120 chart to count, but when I whipped out these bad boys I had their attention.

First we had a race to see which team could order their numbers the fastest.  Then we switched cards to see which teams could do it under 1 minute.  (I have A LOT of boys so racing is a big motivator in our room.)

Now I moved it to a pocket chart math center so everyone gets to practice.  I love when someone finally gets it and says, "Hey!  All the ones digits are the same and just the tens change!". Didn't I say that about 97 times already?  More proof they need to figure it out themselves to make it stick.

The printable cards are available in my TpT shop for $1.50.  You can also pick up the 10-120 only set as a freebie.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cyber Monday and Tuesday Sale!
Sale sign by Creative Clips...isn't she awsome!?!

Wahoo!  I am so looking forward to the BIG Cyber Monday & Tuesday Sale on TpT.  Everything in my store will be 20% off.  Enter the promo code CYBER during checkout and receive an additional 10% off!  I'm getting my wish list and cart ready today.

I am also working on two new Christmas craftivities and the next edition in my Anchor Charts for Math Interactive Notebook.  I plan to have it ready for the sale!

Yea for December!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Anchor Charts for Interactive Notebooks: Operations and Algebraic Thinking Edition
Wahoo!  I finally finished and uploaded my newest TpT product Anchor Charts for Interactive Notebooks: Operations and Algebraic Thinking for First Grade.

Are you using Interactive Notebooks?  My district requires them for all subjects and all grade levels.  I found it a little hard to adjust to them at first, but now I REALLY love them and see the academic influence they have.

This set covers all the OA standards from Common Core for first grade.  I decomposed the standards as much as possible to make the anchor charts as skill specific as possible.  I've been using these in my class for a few months and love to see students refer back to the poster sized chart and their personal chart in their notebook.

Here are a few examples of the anchor charts included.  Each page has two charts for easy printing, paper saving and perfect placement in any size Interactive Notebook:

I also included 18 vocabulary cards for your math word wall.  The vocab cards have a definition and a pictorial example.
Right now the file is on sale for $2!  After I post all the anchor charts by standards I will create a bundle download.  The sale price reflects this standard's portion of the soon-to-be bundle price.  That way you can save time, save money and get it now!  Go ahead, you deserve it. ;]

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Today we learned about telescopes. How do you engage students in the daytime and without actual telescopes? Why construction paper, the Internet and out imaginations of course!

I put pictures from telescopes on the screen and we looked at them through our paper telescopes.  This was probably one of the must engaging lessons of the year and it took about 2 minutes to prep.  Love it.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin Project 2013

We wrapped up our Pumpkin Unit last week.  I've got more details about it, but can't get time to sit and type a full post.  Hopefully I will be able to do that later this week.  Until then, check out the Instagram posts and pictures here!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

FREE Patriot Day Printable Booklet

Holy moly, mostacoli!  The last month has been a total whirlwind.  I'll have a longer post about the beginning of our school year with pictures of my room and activities.  I am loving my class this year!  They are so clever and fun!

I always find it difficult to teach first graders about September 11 and Patriot Day.  I was teaching first grade on September 11, 2001.  It was just as hard then as it is now.  At the time I had many parents request we not discuss the events at all in the classroom.  As much as I tried to follow their wishes, kids asked questions and I would answer them as simply and honestly as I could.  I still stick to that now.

As a way of teaching, honoring and observing Patriot Day I created a 4 page booklet that simply explains what Patriot Day is, why we observe it and how to celebrate it.  It is a free download on my TpT store.

What do you do on September 11?  How do you teach it to your students?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wahoo! Back to School Sale on TpT!

I've been filling up my wishlist just waiting for the Back to School sale on TpT.  The time has come, my friends!  Sunday and Monday use the code BTS13 during check out to get an additional 20% off all my already reduced products!  Back to school bargains galore!

I also linked up with K. Almaraz's link party for Firstie Friends (other first grade teachers participating in the Back to School sale).  Check out all the goodies!

The kids start school Monday.  New curriculum in all subject areas and new schedules...wish me luck!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Updated Personal Dictionaries FREEBIE and a Coupon

I've updated my Dolch Word Personal Dictionary on TpT and added a Fry Personal Dictionary.  Each file includes 2 pages of alphabetized words with 5 different color backgrounds, a simple black frame and just words.  Go scoop them up for free!

Background examples:

Now for the coupon.  I am offering a 10% discount to my Etsy shop valid now through September 7, 2013.  Use it to purchase your own set of handmade chair pockets or any of my other cute products!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FREE CCSS eBook Resource from TpT (and ME!)


Can I just say how much I love TpT? I was introduced to it from a teacher I co-taught with during summer school last year and I have been obsessed hooked ever since.

The beautiful, wonderful, thoughtful people behind and involved with TpT have put together amazing resources with Teacher Tips and *free* activities to help implement the Common Core State Standards.  My tip and free download are featured on page 4 of the K-2 ELA e-book available here (or by clicking the graphic above)!  I am so honored to be included in this resource along side some truly amazing educators!

But, don't stop there!  Be sure to download the other subject e-books as well!
K-2 ELA  don't forget...scroll right to page 4 ;) 
3-5 ELA  
3-5 MATH

There are also e-books for 6-12 in Science, Social Studies, English and Math if you want to pass the info on to teacher friends who brave those hormonal creatures day in and day out. I'll take a roomful of 6 year-olds over that! Links to upper grades can be found from any of the links above. Again they are all FREE and include lots of free resources and activities to use in your classroom! Share the news with all your friends and colleagues!  

Absolutely Adorable Chair Pockets

Lately I have been a pocket making machine!  I've had orders for over 200 pockets and have more than 120 waiting in the wings! 
This latest bunch is super cute.  The buyer asked for teal, gray and pale yellow with some chevron.  Love, love, love the all chevron pockets.
If your interested in ordering chair back pockets for your class check out my Etsy shop for more details!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Professional Development SALE Ends Today!

Just a quick reminder that my professional development sale ends TODAY! 

A week long workshop towards the end of summer is tough to get through!  Not to mention we ate getting all new curriculum guides, lesson plan *suggestions*, mandated master schedules, mandated quarter, yearly and twice-yearly assessments and at least 4 new curriculum tools/supplements. 
It was a lot to take in over a week, but I am super lucky to be part of a fabulous first grade team!  Teachers in my district are finally getting mandated common planning time.  This is amazing and new for us and I am so looking forward to it.

But I digress.  Back on track.  Sale ends today.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Free Twitter Style Exit Ticket Display Board Printable

Tweet Thoughts is a super easy, super efficient exit ticket display board printable is available as a free download on my TpT store.  I was inspired by a pin I saw last week or so.

The birds have speech bubbles chirping numbers to correlate with student in class number.  Kids will write their tweets on 3" x 3" sticky notes, stick it to their assigned bird and done!  You can quickly see who's getting it or which questions need to be addressed.

I printed mine in blue scrapbook paper, cut and glued it to a metallic silver poster board.  The metallic shine doesn't photograph well, sorry.  I'll have it laminated for durability, of course.

You could also create a bulletin board with the graphics.

The file comes with two title choices:
Either with or without the smart hashtag.

I can't wait to use this next year...well a month.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

FREE Simple Daily 5 Signs

These Daily 5 signs are simple and straightforward.  Easy to read and easy to coordinate with your theme.  These signs are aimed for older students, but can be used in any classroom.

Color and...
black line

I also have a few more freebies in the works.  By the way, I'm holding a sale in my TpT store Tuesday through Friday!