Sunday, December 8, 2013

Amazing Pizza Adjectives - FREE PRINTABLE
 I was able to create and post a new freebie to my TpT store! My students had a lot of fun doing this activity and craft.  You can read more about it on this post.
 We made a tree map of adjectives for pizza using our sense.  I color coded the brainstorming lists and blocked the blanks with the same colors.  That way the students knew which list to choose from when filling in blank.  

When we do shared writing or journal activities I've taught the students that they can copy any thing I write in green (as in "go ahead") and to read and do what I write in red (as in "stop, read, do your own").  It was a phenomenal tip I got from a fellow workshop-mate. 

We also had an impromptu chat on why y sounds like e.  Love it!

Amazing Pizza Adjectives is live and free in my TpT shop.  Go get it now.  Then reward your good move with a slice of steamy, spicy, scrumptious pizza.  I'd skip the carrots.

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