Sunday, November 17, 2013

Anchor Charts for Interactive Notebooks: Operations and Algebraic Thinking Edition
Wahoo!  I finally finished and uploaded my newest TpT product Anchor Charts for Interactive Notebooks: Operations and Algebraic Thinking for First Grade.

Are you using Interactive Notebooks?  My district requires them for all subjects and all grade levels.  I found it a little hard to adjust to them at first, but now I REALLY love them and see the academic influence they have.

This set covers all the OA standards from Common Core for first grade.  I decomposed the standards as much as possible to make the anchor charts as skill specific as possible.  I've been using these in my class for a few months and love to see students refer back to the poster sized chart and their personal chart in their notebook.

Here are a few examples of the anchor charts included.  Each page has two charts for easy printing, paper saving and perfect placement in any size Interactive Notebook:

I also included 18 vocabulary cards for your math word wall.  The vocab cards have a definition and a pictorial example.
Right now the file is on sale for $2!  After I post all the anchor charts by standards I will create a bundle download.  The sale price reflects this standard's portion of the soon-to-be bundle price.  That way you can save time, save money and get it now!  Go ahead, you deserve it. ;]

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Today we learned about telescopes. How do you engage students in the daytime and without actual telescopes? Why construction paper, the Internet and out imaginations of course!

I put pictures from telescopes on the screen and we looked at them through our paper telescopes.  This was probably one of the must engaging lessons of the year and it took about 2 minutes to prep.  Love it.