Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Count by 10s: Christmas Edition

This week we are working on counting by 10s starting at any number other than 10.  Although we've been practicing place value, the concept is not really getting through to them.  We practiced using the 120 chart to count, but when I whipped out these bad boys I had their attention.

First we had a race to see which team could order their numbers the fastest.  Then we switched cards to see which teams could do it under 1 minute.  (I have A LOT of boys so racing is a big motivator in our room.)

Now I moved it to a pocket chart math center so everyone gets to practice.  I love when someone finally gets it and says, "Hey!  All the ones digits are the same and just the tens change!". Didn't I say that about 97 times already?  More proof they need to figure it out themselves to make it stick.

The printable cards are available in my TpT shop for $1.50.  You can also pick up the 10-120 only set as a freebie.

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