Sunday, July 14, 2013

Daily Mental Math - Tips for Set up and Use and a SALE!

I wanted to show what my finished Daily Mental Math (DMM) binder looks like and what my students do during the quick fact practice.

First, I use a 1" portfolio type binder.  A regular 3-ring binder and sheet protectors will do just as well.  The first page is the Weekly Skills Overview.  Each week in my newsletter I list a set of math facts the students should learn and memorize by the end of the week.  They are the same facts they will practice during DMM.

Next are the call sheets and answer keys.  In past years I have set them up as pictured-call sheet on left and key on right. 

This year I reprinted the call sheets and answer keys two to a page to save some space in the binder.  All 30 weeks are printed and slipped into the sheet protectors ready to go!

The file includes two options for student answer sheets.  One has a colorful background, one is black and white.  I haven't decided which style I will use this year.  I'll either print the color sheet on white card stock or print the black and white on bright card stock.

No matter which option you choose either laminate the sheets or slide them in sheet protectors for the students.  Students can keep their sheets in their math folder.  After laminating I write the students name on the sheet with a permanent marker.  It makes the sheet totally reusable.  If a student moves or at the end of the year you can remove the permanent maker with whiteboard cleaner or nail polish remover.

Students can use either dry erase markers or Vis-a-Vis markers (overhead projector markers...remember those?)  I call out the facts and students write the answers.  We trade papers, I read the answers and students grade the page and return it to the owner.  We celebrate 100% sheets.  For example kids who earn 100% can stand up, raise their hand, give neighbors a high five, etc.

On Fridays after the final practice we erase the pages to get ready to start it all again on Monday!

Daily Mental Math is 20% off this week.  Go get it now!

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up. DMM looks awesome. My firsties could definitely use something like this. Great idea!
    A Burst of First