Friday, September 28, 2012

FREE: Pumpkin Project ~ Use the Scientific Method during a Pumpkin Growing Experiment

My co-worker found this pumpkin growing experiment on Pinterest.  I think it is great and am going to try it with my first graders on Monday.  I created a few Science Journal pages for this project.  The download is available for *FREE* on my TpT store.  Please share your experiences with this project.  I will have more pictures and anecdotes as the seeds germinate and the students interact with the pumpkin.

The Pumpkin Project uses the scientific method during a grow pumpkins in a pumpkin experiment. This project includes:
*Hypothesis page
*"Pumpkin Observation: Day__" pages for journals or booklets
*Evaluation page.

Students pages include fill in the blanks, free response and illustrated responses.

I start the experiment on October 1, but it can be started in September or November as well. Seeds generally take 4-7 days to germinate. Pumpkins grow to full size in approximately 120 days.

Vocabulary in experiment: hypothesis, predict, germinate, observation, evaluation, confirmed, experiment

Pumpkin Project 2012: Day 1

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