Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pumpkin Project 2012: Day 1

We started our Pumpkin Project today!  I pre-cut a hole in the pumpkin and shaved off the seeds and pulp sticking to the top.  The students and I added potting soil slowly and loosely.  I shook the pumpkin and tapped it to get the soil to settle to the bottom.*  Then we added a little water and placed the pumpkin in a big bowl.  We set it by the window for some sun.

Next we completed the Pumpkin Project Hypothesis page.  The students were cracking me up with their predictions.  How many seeds will germinate? 10, 71, 100, 1000, all of them.  How many days will it take to germinate a seed? 1 day, 75 days, 100 days.  I guess we need to do some estimation lessons.  I was proud that they all thought the seeds will germinate because we are giving it dirt (food), water and light.

They also drew a picture of what the pumpkin will look like at the end of the project and of the steps to preparing the pumpkin.

The students glued their hypothesis sheets into their Science Journals.  We did the project about 11:45.  For the rest of the day the students kept checking the pumpkin for sprouts.  They would walk away a little discouraged.  Imagine the excitement if it germinates soon!

*A colleague of mine put soil in the pumpkin and stuck her hand in to mix it with the pulp.  I thought that might be a good idea.  We will see which soil strategy works better.  It will be good data for next year.

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