Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Project: Day 16

Look at that pumpkin!  We are loving all the seeds that germinated and how the vines are growing.  Several of the leaves are looking more like pumpkin leaves in the shape and size.

We've been using our senses to make scientific observations.  We can see how many seeds germinated and how long the vines are growing.  We can feel how the pumpkin is getting soft.  Of course we can't hear or taste in this experiment.  But, WOW, can we smell this pumpkin!

It's been outside for about a week.  Now the pumpkin is starting to rot and cave in on itself.  It is attracting flies and gnats.  Notice the super smelling oozing.  Gross and awesome.

Tomorrow we are moving our pumpkin from the bowl on the back porch (we are in a portable) to the winter garden box.  We'll continue our observation notes there.  It will be really good to compare the pumpkins from the other 3 classes that also did this experiment.

Although we aren't quite finished, I'm calling this a success.  I will definitely do the Pumpkin Project again next year.  As the projects frequent observations wind down at the end of the month we will have a discussion about the hypothesis and predictions.  We'll make some charts of the success and how we can improve this experiment next time.  More Pumpkin Project to come next week.

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