Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pumpkin Project: Day 9

We have germination!  Yesterday the pumpkin had two little sprouts started.  The class was very excited.  Today five more seeds germinated!

Yesterday and today students drew and wrote about the changes and what they saw about the project.  We are incorporating as much vocabulary as we can. 

We used one of the students exclamations for our sentence today.  Well, with some tweaking.  After seeing the pumpkin on the document camera he called out, "Five seeds have sprouted!".  We discussed the changes and decided to change sprouted to germinated.  Nice.

The journals are upside down because they have a dual purpose.  One side is the Math Journal.  They flip the journal to the back cover and use it as a Science Lab Notebook.  Students will use the notebook until they reach the middle.  Then they will get to start Volume 2.

Side note:  The pumpkin is starting to mold a bit around the inside edges.  I am glad I put the pumpkin in a bowl.  I also keep the pumpkin outside during the school day.  We have had the "Don't Touch the Pumpkin" talk, but I know it can be very tempting.  So far, I am still very happy with this project.

Download Pumpkin Project from TpT!

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  1. Thank you so much for your pumpkin project. I can't wait to start mine next week. This is my first year teaching first grade so keep those great ideas coming!