Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Project: Day 17

Friday afternoon we planted our pumpkin in the school's Winter Garden.  Oh, my did it stink!  We had 12 seeds germinate.  The longest vine is about 3".  We will keep making observations in our science journals once a week.  

Three other first grade classes did the same experiment and also have placed their pumpkins in the Winter Garden as well.  One class only has 4 vines, but they are about 8-10" long.  The other two classes did regular pumpkins instead of smaller baking pumpkins.  They have 12-15 seeds germinated each and the vines are about the same length as ours.

Tomorrow we are taking a field trip to a local farm.  The students will take a hay ride through the pumpkin patch, find their way through the corn maze and get vertical in the bouncy house (which has nothing to do with fall, pumpkins or farms, but they are on the farm none the less).  The kids are very excited and so am I!

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