Friday, June 14, 2013

Five for Friday: End of the Year Recap!

Hooking up with fresh from the beach Kacey of Doodle Bugs Teaching for the end of the year recap edition!

 During the last week of school we had our grade level awards and our annual first grade picnic.  The chance of rain changed our plans.  We played outside all morning to beat the rain.  The kids had a blast!  All the teachers brought out recess equipment, chalk, bubbles and special games (plastic horseshoes is fun!)  All 160+ kids got along great.  Two of my colleagues tried to teach me to hula hoop again.  Tragic failure!  I used to be able to do it, but now I can't.  They said it was because I have no hips, butt or rhythm.  Talk about feeling the love! ;)  I took to chalk drawing instead.  Much better.

Only had 12 kids came on the last day of school.  No worries, we had fun.  We started the day with an all out Last Day Dance Party!  I put on Kidz Bop and we rocked out.  The kids were hilarious.  We popped and locked, we break danced (or is it broke dance), we twirled and we got funky.  The group shot is of all my "single ladies".  I was crying watching the boys dance like Beyonce.  I love these kids.

 After the dance party we played several Minute to Win It games.  I downloaded Reagan Tunstall's free resource and tweaked it to work for our class.  We did "Gone Fishing" , "Cookie Face" and "There She Blows".  I substituted in Pattern Block towers (they had to build three) and Spin It to Win It (they had to keep 3 unifix cube spinners spinning and on the table for 10 seconds).

 Our classroom awards came from Gladys of Teaching in High Heels.  These were seriously too cute.  I printed them on neon card stock (yellow for boys, pink for girls).  We rolled out the red carpet and worked the runway.  Then they ate lunch and went home at noon.  GREAT DAY!  Our faculty had our EOY party at Dave and Buster's.  Also, so fun!  We played games, won tickets and gave them to unsuspecting random children.

 Now I'm spending quality time with Sen and Jeffery T.  Sen is 8 months old now and still awesome.  I love taking pictures of her.  Jeffery T. is 9 years old and not as enamored with Sen.  Both those beds are Sen's.  she is happy to share.  Jeffery T. doesn't.  He stakes his claim first thing in the morning and only moves to eat.  Did I mention he weighs over 20 pounds.  Fatty, fatty, fatty. But I love 'em both!

Yea, Summer Break!

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