Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Product: Working with Y as a Long Vowel

 I just uploaded my newest product: Working with Y as a Vowe {long e and long i}l.  It covers Common Core State Standards in Reading Foundational Skills.
The pack includes picture and word cards for 24 different words ending with y, 12 with the long e sound, 12 with the long i sound.  I use them for a "Y Sound Sort" activity during Daily 5.
Students always do the Phoneme Boxes Wednesday or Thursday to get ready for Friday's spelling test.  In the photo the student is using the Phoneme Boxes from my Working with Vowel Team OW pack.
Each of the 24 cards in separated into picture only and word only for use in two matching games.

As always, I included a Roll~Say~Keep game board and 48 word cards (24 y as long e, 24 y aslong i) because, who doesn't love Roll~Say~Keep?  I use this game a lot during RTI for the "other" students not being pulled for small group help.  The kids love it and get pretty competitive about reading the most words correctly.
 The pack has several assessment sheets to check for completion and practice.  The preview includes the Roll~Say~Keep game board and this cut-and-paste printable!

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