Sunday, April 7, 2013

Five for Friday {April 5...or 7, whatever}

It sure was a busy week for only having 3 days with students!

 1.  We came back from Spring Break with a field trip to a local university's Eco-hike.  Great field trip!  We had beautiful weather and wonderful park rangers.  Before, during and after the trip I used several resources from K Almaraz's The COMPLETE Field Trip Companion.  It was so helpful!  I use several of her fun and creative products.

 2.  This week we read The Scarecrow's Hat by Ken Brown.  To understand how authors use text and illustrations to create characters I used a sheet from Common Core Reading: Comprehension Strategy Sheets for K-2 Fiction Standards by Jen Jones.  I cannot recommend this product enough.  I can barely wait for her to finish the Information Reading standards sheets. The Scarecrow's Hat is a good book for character development, cause and effect, sequence of events and making predictions.  It's one of my favorite books in our Text Talk program.

3.  I'm working on new literacy centers for the week after next.  Here's a sneak peak of the craft.

4. A guilty pleasure is back!  I love watching The Voice.  I got hooked the first season and just can't shake it.  Love the blind auditions, love the battle rounds, love the coaches.  Love, love, love!  Shakira is an awesome coaching edition.  Usher epitomizes the "too cool for school" attitude.  Blake Shelton is hilarious.  Oh, yes, Adam Levine is delicious.  My favorite audition so far this season is Midas Whale.

 5.  Earlier this week I had my post-observation conference with the assistant principal.  It went well and I am OK with the results.  Of course there is room for improvement.  My kids are respectful to me but not to each other.  Anyone have tips for promoting more harmonious student interactions?

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  1. I just found Jen Jones - she has some great ideas, doesn't she? Thanks for the link to the field trip guide - I like to do those extra kinds of things with field trips.
    Have a great week, Sara