Friday, March 29, 2013

Five for Friday, March 29


I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching's Five for Friday linky party! 

1. Wahoo, Spring Break!  We've just been hanging out enjoying the weather.  These are pictures of flowers and veggies in our yard.

2. I've been window shopping on TpT for some time and am finally buying up my wish list.  With all the 20% discounts I am picking up several new products and some freebies!  We just started place value before Spring Break and many of my students were not comfortable with it, yet.  I found this great activity from Rebecca Anderton of  I also picked up:
And I am still shopping. =]

3.  To go with that great place value practice, I found jumbo dice in the toy aisle at Dollar Tree.  My kids are gonna flip over these!

4.  To balance a little me time, I've been knitting.  This sweater is for my boyfriend.  I started it 2 years ago.  It's going slow.   I am much better with quicker projects like hats and socks.  I will get this day.

 5. Sen has been enjoying the time in the yard.  She's tired of photo shoots, but she is so darn cute I can't put the camera down.

Back to school Tuesday, with a field trip.  It should be interesting.  Happy Easter!

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  1. Oh my! Your dog is so cute!! I have never knitted before. But this week i tried arm knitting. Really fun!