Sunday, March 3, 2013

Build a Word *FREE* Printable Phonics Activity

My newest *FREE* product is available in my TpT store: Build a Word!

Build a Word is an easy to teach activity for practicing word recognition and phonics skills.  It is based off Elkonin boxes.  Each phoneme is put in a box so students can count the phonemes as they say the words.  Students can also start to visualize digraphs and vowel teams using Build a Word.  In the pictures the student is practicing making long a words spelled with ai and ay.

Students color, cut and unscramble spelling words.  They can do this independently, in centers, in pairs or with me in RtI and small groups.  When it is time to clean up students put the letter boxes in an envelope for safe keeping.  They can pull this out when their assignments are complete or take it home to practice.

Build a Word has been a very helpful activity during spelling and phonics instruction!  I hope you and your students enjoy it, too!

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