Sunday, March 10, 2013

Five for Friday

I'm joining in on the Five for Friday Linky Party.   Boy, it was a week from you know where, but I'm keeping it positive!

1.  For our Book of the Month we did a close read of The Honest to Goodness Truth by Patricia C. McKissack. It could not have come at a better time. Beyond the reading skills we've been practicing how to tell truths "sweetened with sugar" to make them easier to swallow. It's a social skill we'll continue to practice.

2. For the past couple years I've used to help students master math facts. I like it, the kids like it, it is free (hello), and the site uses progress tracking that's easy to read.

3. This week my class started using to practice and master math facts. I love it, the kids *LOVE* it and the site has very good progress tracking data, but it is not free. Our district put us on a Use-it-or-Lose-it period for the rest of the school year. Darlin', we are using it! It is much more video game oriented on the graphics and game side. Kids create avatars, earn tokens and use them to "buy" things like hats, clothes and accessories for the avatars. As they progress and master facts more and more games get unlocked. Reflex Math also has a math coach character that can help students practice different skills.  That's Crabby in the picture.  He's like a cruise director with silly jokes and a great accent.

4.Keeping on the math train, I read Cara Carroll's post on her math tubs and I am considering adding them to our math routine. After our late lunch (we are the last class to eat, which I love) we have RtI for about 30 minutes, math for an hour, then we back up for dismissal. The kids are often cranky, tired and wiggly after lunch. I think a math tubs rotation may be what they need to focus for the rest of the day.

5. Our school is piloting a new technology program in our district next year.  Each K-2 student will have access to a tablet in class and each 3-5 student a laptop. This morning I heard a tease for education tablets on Morning Edition on NPR. I didn't have time to wait and listen to the segment, but looked it up and did a little research tonight.  I like the look and concept of the tablet, but really dislike Murdock's comments on education in general.

...and I'm adding a sixth random thought since I couldn't get pictures added until Sunday.  This is Sen.  She's our 5 month old American Bulldog puppy.  I love her to pieces.

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