Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mad Hatter's Spring Break Tea Party

Yea for Spring Break!  Really, I could have used it 2 weeks ago, but no one asked me.

Last week was a doosy!  I had my formal observation Tuesday.  I nearly made myself sick fretting over it.  We did a lesson on reading informational text for key details and asking and answering questions, then putting our research into informational text.  Yeah, I over planned.  We got through OK.  Some good, some...interesting moments (like someone pretending to pick her nose during the mini-lesson, then making it more dramatic when no one commented...Seriously?).  I'll have the post conference after Spring Break.  Bleh.

After I had an anxiety attack got past the observation, we could focus on fun stuff!  Another teacher and I planned to have a Mad Hatter's Spring Break Sweet Tea Party on Friday afternoon.  Talk about a hoot!

In class we did a close read of that section of Alice through the Looking Glass and watched the cartoon clip from the tea party.  Kids were encouraged to make interesting hats to wear at the tea party.  We had a few put some good effort into their hats!  We served sweet iced tea, apple juice (looks like tea) and tea sandwiches.  They were just jelly or cream cheese and cucumber with no crust and cut in quarters, but did the kids think they were fancy!

To highlight all the hats--creative, furry, baseball, beanies and even a hoodie (Miss A was not going to miss her chance to strut) the kids walked down our hatwalk...get it?  HATwalk like catwalk.  I love it!

Best of Show:
  • Photo #1 Sporting not one, but TWO Jiminey Cricket dolls laced in the brim of a classic cowboy hat
  • Photo #3 Best Hair/Hat Combo (Love his dredlocks!)
  • Photo #4 Most Creative Easter inspired hat (and a reluctant super model)
  • Photo #5 Tallest hat and by far, best hatwalk walk (Seriously, I love this kid!  He walks quietly in line, but is always doing something goofy.  He always makes me think of Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks!)
  • Photo #6 Springy-est hat
  • Photo #8 Fastest model (she wanted to walk so badly, but is so shy!)
  • Photo #9 Too cool for the hatwalk aka Super Model Serious
The Mad Hatter's Spring Break Sweet Tea Party is an annual event in my class.  It is a great way to ease into Spring Break and not focus on the Easter holiday.

In other news...I put together a big packet on ow (like cow) and I'm putting it up on TpT.  It will be discounted to $3 through Saturday.  It's got lots of center and small group goodies.  The graphics are in color and in black and white.  I'm crossing my fingers for good luck on my first "for sale" product! =]

And now for something completely different...

Happy Spring Break!

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