Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday Pinspration: Beachy Bliss

Today I'm linking up with Just a Primary Girl for some Thursday Pinspration.

First, our go to drink in Summer is a mojito.  Quick, refreshing and light.  This is the easiest recipe I have found. Drink with caution! They go down easily.

Next, a PowerUP Jax (crowd funding locally) project provided me the funds to purchase a bunch of math stuff. Under the Sea Shell is one of those. It is really engaging and easy to differentiate for student ability or the time of year. I recommend it if your looking for a fun way to practice word problems on a lot of levels.


  1. That drink looks heavenly and that clam is adorable! I am off to check the recipe for the drink! Thank you for linking up! I hope more will link up each week allowing us to have more to follow and check out!

  2. I LOVE Mojitos! In college I was a bartender, and they were the worst drink to make. Now I feel bad when I order them in restaurants because I know the bartender is cursing me.. but they are so tasty!