Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday Timesaver ~ Color coding composition books

I'm linking up with Kristin of My Carolina Classroom for a Tuesday Timesaver.

My Carolina Classroom

Today's tip was shared with me during a really, really, REALLY long and boring training over the summer.  We use Interactive Notebooks, which I love, but with 867,462 things in the student desks, locating the correct notebook can take forever.  Each student color coded their notebooks to match the color codes I have for the subject area.

We used the edge of a crayon to color the edges of the paper on each composition notebook.  I gave them 1 minute to color each notebook and now they can easily spot which of the 5 journals in their desk is the correct one without having to pull out all of them (and everything else that's hiding in there...scary.)

What's your time saver tip?

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  1. Oh my goodness! So simple and brilliant! Must do this next year.

    Thanks for linking up and thanks for your encouraging comment! I will continue just because of your kind words.
    See ya Tuesday - bring a friend! ;)

    My Carolina Classroom