Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday Timesavers: Printing 2 per page of the SAME page

Doing a quick link up with Kristin of My Carolina Classroom for

I was always jealous of the Mac people for being able to print two of the same page side by side.  I'm a paper saver and love to print two per page.  I was having to print one half size, remember how to reload the paper back into the printer correctly, then print the same sheet again.

By accident I discovered how to print two of the SAME page on one sheet of paper on a PC.

I hope that is big enough to see and understand.

First type in which page you want side by side, but use a comma and not a dash. (Yellow)

Then choose multiple. (Red)

Next choose 2 per page [or whatever number per page you want, just make sure to keep putting a comma then the page number.] (Blue)

Make sure it looks as expected. (Purple)

Then click print.

This has saved trees, forests, ink and my sanity!


  1. Wowie wow wow! Can't wait to try this out!

  2. Genius! Love that you figured it out on accident. Thanks for linking up!